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Yuval Baron
Chairman, CEO & CCSO*

Prior to founding AlgoSec, Yuval Baron co-founded Actelis Networks Inc. in 1998 where he served as its CEO until 2002. Actelis Networks is the leading provider of high performance, scalable broadband over copper solutions. During his tenure, Actelis Networks raised $75 million in three separate funding up-rounds from investors including USVP, NEA, Walden, Carlyle, Salomon Smith Barney, France Telecom, Sumitomo, and Vertex. Prior to Actelis, Mr. Baron was vice president of sales and marketing at RIT Technologies (Nasdaq: RITT), a provider of network infrastructure solutions for data centers and communication networks. At RIT, he built a distribution network across 55 countries and drove revenue growth which led to a successful IPO. Prior to RIT, Mr. Baron spent a decade with Comverse Technology (Nasdaq:CMVT), a leading global provider of telecom business solutions. Mr. Baron has a B.Sc. in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Economics (Cum Laude) and an MBA in Finance.

* Chief Customer Satisfaction Officer

Watch Mr. Baron talk about AlgoSec's commitment to customer satisfaction

Avishai Wool
Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

Prior to co-founding AlgoSec, Avishai Wool co-founded Lumeta Corporation in 2000 as a spin out of Bell Labs, and was its Chief Scientist until 2002. At Lumeta, Dr. Wool was responsible for transforming the firewall analyzer technology he helped develop at Bell Labs into a commercial product. Prior to Lumeta, Dr. Wool was a technical staff member at Bell Labs’ Secure Systems Research Department, where he led a team of researchers who created the first research prototypes for the firewall analyzer. He has published more than 90 research papers and holds 13 US Patents, and has served on the program committee of the leading IEEE and ACM conferences on computer and network security. Dr. Wool has a B.Sc. (Cum Laude) in Mathematics and Computer Science, and a M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Computer Science.

Neil McNamara
General Manager, Americas

Neil McNamara has over 20 years’ experience in direct and channel sales and sales management at leading networking and data security companies. Mr. McNamara has helped drive the growth of many technology companies, and takes particular interest in turning technology startups into global leaders. Prior to AlgoSec Mr. McNamara held VP Sales positions with Copiun, SurfControl, AirDefense and Check Point Software Technologies.  At Check Point he was responsible for sales across the Western Hemisphere and managed a team of 200 sales and technical professionals. Mr. McNamara has a B.Sc. in Social Sciences.

Eli Adler
General Manager, EMEA

Eli Adler has over 20 years’ experience in sales management, direct sales and sales through distribution/channels. Mr. Adler is responsible for increasing sales by over 30% per annum at each of his prior companies. Prior to joining Algosec, Mr. Adler served as the AVP for Sales in EMEA at Avaya, Radvision and ECI Telecom. In his most recent position, at Avaya, Mr. Adler was also responsible for integrating the Radvision sales team into Avaya. Mr. Adler has an M.Sc. in Physics and Applied Materials.

Guy Givoni
General Manager, Asia Pacific

Guy Givoni has over 15 years’ experience, including eight in the network security industry, developing business and selling to Fortune 500 companies. Prior to joining AlgoSec, Mr. Givoni served as the VP of Sales & Strategy at Runcom Technologies where he was responsible for expanding into new markets in Asia-Pacific and Europe. Mr. Givoni's background includes a variety of management positions in professional services, product management and R&D at leading high-tech companies specializing in network security, telecoms, and semiconductors. Mr. Givoni has a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science and an MBA in Finance.

Bruno Weinberger
Vice President, Strategic Alliances

Bruno Weinberger has over 15 years’ experience in various sales, business development and technical positions at leading high tech companies. Mr. Weinberger joined AlgoSec in 2007, and established the EMEA Business Unit. During his 6 years as General Manager EMEA, Mr. Weinberger drove significant business growth through his dedication to both customer and partner satisfaction. Prior to joining AlgoSec, Mr. Weinberger consulted for technology startups, helping them launch and drive business across Europe. Previously, he served as the VP of Business Development and Sales in EMEA for network-security vendor Whale Communications, which was acquired by Microsoft. Mr. Weinberger has a BA in Computer Science.

Shelly Sarid
Vice President, Finance

Shelly Sarid is a Certified Public Accountant, with over 14 years’ experience at various Hi-Tech and investment companies. Her financial experience includes corporate financial management, venture capital investments, board of director membership, legal and financial due diligence, and M&A. Prior to Algosec, Ms. Sarid held various financial positions at  Whale Communications (acquired by Microsoft in 2006) where she served as the VP of Finance, XT Investments and Activiews Ltd. (Acquired by Stryker (NYSE: SYK) in 2013) where she served as the CFO. Ms. Sarid started her career at KPMG as a senior auditor. Ms. Sarid has a BA in Accounting and Economics (double major) and an LL.M in Law.

Nimmy (Nimrod) Reichenberg
VP Marketing and Strategy

Nimmy (Nimrod) Reichenberg has over 10 years’ executive marketing and business development experience in enterprise technology. Prior to joining AlgoSec, Mr. Reichenberg served as the VP of Worldwide Marketing and Business Development at NextNine. Previously Mr. Reichenberg held various product management and marketing roles at M-Systems (acquired by SanDisk) and founded the marketing department for the company's enterprise security solutions. Mr. Reichenberg is a frequent speaker at information security events and a regular contributor to industry publications. Mr. Reichenberg has a B.Sc. in Computer Science and an MBA.

Michal Chorev
Vice President, Technical Services

Michal Chorev has over 15 years’ experience leading Services groups in demanding international high tech environments. Her extensive management experience includes leading tech support, professional services, IT and Operation departments at software and hardware companies specializing in security, storage and cleantech. Prior to AlgoSec Ms. Chorev held various executive positions at Dassault Systems, Exanet (acquired by Dell) where she served as VP of Operations, SolarEdge and Check Point Software Technologies where she was in charge of support across the Eastern Hemisphere.

Anner Kushnir
Vice President, Research and Development

Anner Kushnir has over 15 years’ experience in various research, development and management positions. Prior to joining AlgoSec in 2006, Mr. Kushnir held several R&D positions at high-tech start-up companies. At Slyde Technologies, he was the lead algorithm researcher specializing in computer vision, image analysis and image processing.  He also served as a hardware engineer for Flexlight Networks, an optical network solution vendor, where he was involved in the logic design of FPGA and ASIC components for high-speed optical communication systems. Mr. Kushnir has a B.Sc. and a M.Sc. (both Cum Laude) in Electrical Engineering, and B.Sc. in Humanities and Social Sciences.

Edy Almer
Vice President Product Management

Edy Almer is responsible for developing and executing the company’s product strategy. Previously Mr. Almer served as VP of Marketing and Product Management at Wave Systems, an enterprise security software provider, following its acquisition of Safend where he served in the same role. Prior to Safend, Mr. Almer managed the encryption and endpoint DLP products within the Endpoint Security Group at Symantec. Previously he managed the memory cards product line at M-Systems prior to that company’s acquisition by Sandisk in 2006. Mr. Almer’s operational experience includes the launch of 3G services projects at Orange, Israel's fastest growing cellular operator, resulting in 100,000 new 3G customers within a year of its launch. As the CTO of Partner Future Comm, Mr. Almer developed the product and company strategy for potential venture capital recipient companies. Mr. Almer has a B. Sc. in Electrical Engineering and an MBA.

Noa Inbar-Hershkovitz
Human Resources Director

Noa Inbar-Hershkovitz has extensive experience and knowledge of all aspects of Human Resources from a variety of industries and company sizes. Prior to joining AlgoSec Ms. Inbar-Hershkovitz held various HR management positions at PwC, where she served as HR Manager for the tax department, and MyHeritage.  Ms. Inbar-Hershkovitz has a BA in Psychology and Management and an MBA specializing in organizational behavior.

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