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Data Center Application Connectivity Management

AlgoSec BusinessFlow makes it easy to securely provision, maintain and decommission connectivity for business applications. By automatically mapping application connectivity requirements to the underlying network infrastructure, BusinessFlow accelerates application delivery, minimizes outages and enforces security and compliance across virtual, cloud and physical data center.

BusinessFlow helps you:

  • Visualize and provision connectivity for business applications in a fraction of the time
  • Securely remove network access for decommissioned applications
  • Assess the impact of network changes on application availability to minimize outages
  • View risk and vulnerabilities from the business application perspective
  • Foster collaboration across application, network and security teams to support DevOps initiatives


Visualize Application Connectivity

Connectivity Portal

BusinessFlow includes a dynamic, graphical map that provides up-to-date visibility of all applications and their connectivity flows. Through this map, stakeholders can monitor application connectivity, visually see and edit application flows, and effectively troubleshoot connectivity outages.

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Automatically Translate Connectivity Requirements into Firewall and Router Rules

Impact Analysis

With BusinessFlow changes to application connectivity requirements can be processed quickly and accurately.

Application owners can request connectivity in non-networking terms and BusinessFlow automatically computes the necessary changes to the underlying firewall and router access rules, and triggers the relevant change requests in AlgoSec FireFlow.

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Discover and Map Underlying Application Connectivity Flows

Connectivity Managament

Through its powerful discovery capabilities, BusinessFlow automatically identifies all your enterprise applications and services and their connectivity flows, and quickly generates an up-to-date connectivity map of your applications — without requiring any prior knowledge or manual configuration by your security, networking or applications experts.

Through this process, BusinessFlow eliminates the time-consuming, manual process of identifying and mapping application flows, dramatically reducing the time and effort required to populate the application repository.

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Assess the Impact of Network Changes on Application Availability

Secure Decommission

BusinessFlow shows which business applications and underlying connectivity flows will be impacted by firewall rule changes or planned server and device downtime. This is critical for understanding the impact on key applications when migrating or decommissioning a server, and helps avoid unplanned downtime. 

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Simplify Large-Scale Server Migration Projects


BusinessFlow simplifies the end-to-end management of the security policy throughout complex migration or decommissioning projects involving tens or even hundreds of servers.

Through BusinessFlow’s built-in workflows, the user simply selects the servers to be migrated/decommissioned, and BusinessFlow automatically identifies all the applications that are affected by the planned project. BusinessFlow then generates the necessary change requests to the underlying network traffic flows, all while ensuring the integrity of the security policy and network access.

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Ensure Secure Decommissioning of Applications

Audit Trail

BusinessFlow allows you to safely remove network access that is no longer required for decommissioned applications. Through BusinessFlow's unique analysis of the links between business applications and the underlying security policy, you can identify access that can be safely removed, as well as rules that should not be removed because they are used by other applications.

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Understand Risk from the Business Perspective

Suite Integration

BusinessFlow allows you to prioritize risk based on what the business values most – the applications that power it.  

It integrates with leading vulnerability scanners from leading vendors such as Qualys, Nessus, and Rapid7, to map vulnerabilities to their related data center applications, including their servers and complex connectivity requirements. As application components, connectivity requirements and vulnerabilities change, BusinessFlow ensures organizations have the most up-to-date and accurate information to effectively prioritize risk.



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