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Data Center Application Connectivity Management

AlgoSec BusinessFlow bridges the gap between application owners, security and operations teams to ensure that business applications are more effectively and securely deployed, maintained and decommissioned. Innovative, application-centric policy management decouples application connectivity requests from the underlying security infrastructure to:

  • Ensure faster service delivery and improved application availability
  • Quickly react to changes in network infrastructure or application connectivity requirements
  • Improve visibility of business applications connectivity requirements
  • Deliver tighter security processes and policy


Enhance Visibility through a Central Application Connectivity Portal

Connectivity Portal

A consolidated and up-to-date view of required application connectivity enables security and network teams to communicate more effectively with business application owners for accelerated service delivery.

BusinessFlow enables stakeholders to monitor application connectivity status, visually depict and edit application flows, and effectively troubleshoot connectivity outages.

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Automatically Translate Connectivity Requirements to Firewall Rules

Connectivity Managament

BusinessFlow enables changes for evolving application connectivity requirements to be quickly and accurately processed.

Application owners request connectivity for business applications in non-firewall terms and BusinessFlow automatically computes the necessary changes to the underlying firewall rules and triggers the relevant change requests in AlgoSec FireFlow.

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Assess the Impact of Network Changes on Application Availability

Impact Analysis

BusinessFlow provides key insight into business applications and the underlying connectivity flows that may be impacted by firewall rule changes and planned or unexpected server and device outages. This is critical for understanding the impact to key applications when conducting data center migrations or decommissioning a server.

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Ensure Secure Decommission of Applications

Secure Decommission

BusinessFlow allows you to safely remove network access that is no longer required for decommissioned applications. This capability ensures that the security policy is hardened without impacting the availability or performance of other business applications.

Through BusinessFlow's unique analysis of the link between business applications and the underlying security policy, you can identify access that can be safely removed as well as rules that should not be removed because they are used by other applications.

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Deliver a Complete Audit Trail of All Changes

Audit Trail

BusinessFlow simplifies audits and proof of compliance with internal and external mandates by maintaining a complete history of every change made to the application and underlying rules, along with all related change tickets. Audit reports can also be delivered per device showing every access rule and the applications they support.

In addition to compliance, audit trails allow organizations to understand past connectivity requirements and roll-back to last know good configurations.

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Discover and Map Underlying Rules and ACLs to Applications


BusinessFlow provides powerful discovery capabilities that assist the mapping of required application connectivity to the existing firewall and router access rules.

By leveraging intelligent assisted discovery, BusinessFlow eliminates the time-consuming, manual process of identifying application flows, dramatically reducing the time and effort to populate the application repository.

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Understand Risk from the Business Perspective

Suite Integration

BusinessFlow integrates with leading vulnerability scanners to map vulnerabilities with their related data center applications, including their servers and complex connectivity requirements. As application components, connectivity requirements and vulnerabilities change frequently, BusinessFlow ensures organizations have the most up-to-date and accurate information to effectively prioritize risk with the business in mind.


Accelerate Data Center Consolidation and Cloud Migration

Data Center Consolidation

BusinessFlow helps ensure the connectivity between onsite and cloud application components during a data center migration, to remove access no longer needed for decommissioned legacy servers and to maintain connectivity after a migration is complete.


Integration with Existing CMDB Systems

CMDB integration

BusinessFlow leverages information in existing CMDB systems to simplify implementation and management of relevant application flows, allowing organizations to extend and enhance their existing infrastructure to improve application availability.



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