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2015 in Review: Top 10 Blogs to Help Improve Your Security Posture


Since the beginning of the year is the time for summaries, resolutions and lists, we’ve put together a list of our most popular security blogs from the past year. These blogs cover a variety of tips, best practices and expert opinions, all to help you improve your security posture across your enterprises in 2016.

So without further ado, here are the top 10 AlgoSec blogs of 2015:

Best Practices and Tips for Network Segmentation Use Cases from Professor Wool

As cyber-attacks become more and more sophisticated and frequent, security practitioners are realizing the value of network segmentation as a key defense-in-depth security strategy. In this post, Professor Wool provides practical recommendations for how to design your network to allow traffic from an external partner application into the your data center and structuring network traffic flows within the data center. Read more here.

Are You Guilty of the Seven Deadly Sins of Security Policy Change Management?

Many companies today are failing to update their approach to security policy management to keep up with challenges of growing threats, greater complexity and increased demand for security. Take a look at this list of the “Seven Deadly Sins” of security policy management to make sure none of them are taking place in your organization. Read more here.

SaaS and Security: 7 Tips to Help You Assess the Risks

This blog reviews the SaaS offering and highlights 7 key security factors and issues to consider before migrating to this model. Although the cloud is very powerful and resourceful, you need to ensure you manage and secure it properly otherwise it can be dangerous. Read more here.

Survival Tips for the Security Skills Shortage

Organizations aren’t hiring as many security professionals as they need, not because of budgetary pressures but because they can’t find skilled people. So, see this post to see how you can use your security professionals in the most effective way possible to make your organization more secure while retain your top talent.

Top 10 Common Firewall Flaws that Continue to Surface

Do you really know what vulnerabilities currently exist in your enterprise firewalls? Take a look at the top 10 common firewall vulnerabilities that you need to be on the lookout for, some of which can be blatantly obvious while others not so much. Read more here.

Migrating Business Applications to AWS: Tips on Where to Start

This blog covers key tips on for companies who are considering migrating their business applications to Amazon Web Servces (AWS). Professor Wool answers questions like where to start, what major issues to watch out for, and once you’re in the cloud what comes next. Read more here.

Five Common Firewall Configuration Mistakes – and How to Avoid Them

Did you know that, according to Gartner research, 95% of all firewall breaches are actually caused by misconfigurations, not flaws?  Check out the most common types of firewall misconfigurations that we see at customer sites, and learn how you can avoid them. Read more here.

Back to Basics: 10 Security Best Practices

The most effective strategy for keeping organizations, users and customers safe is to focus on the fundamentals. So before investing in new tools, here are 10 security best practices to help protect your organization with the techniques and technologies you likely already have in place. Read more here.

Host-based or Network-based Firewalls: Which Is the Right Option for Cloud Security?

If you’re thinking of moving business applications to the cloud, then you need to protect them and the data they process. In this post we examine both host-based and network-based firewalls, and the capabilities and advantages/disadvatages of each for protecting your organization. Read more here.

Don’t Succumb to the Dark Side: Security Management Lessons from Star Wars

In honor of the new Star Wars Film: The Force Awakens, we took a look back through the films and uncovered some important lessons about security. Read more here.

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