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5 Steps to a Zero Trust Network: From Theory to Practice


A Zero Trust network abolishes the quaint idea of a “trusted” internal network demarcated by a corporate perimeter. Instead it advocates microperimeters of control and visibility around the enterprise’s most sensitive data assets and the ways in which the enterprise uses its data to achieve its business objectives.

In this webinar, guest speaker John Kindervag, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, and AlgoSec’s VP of Strategy, Nimmy Reichenberg, will explain why a Zero Trust network should be the foundation of your security strategy, and present best practices to help companies achieve a Zero Trust state.

During the webinar they will cover:

  • What is a Zero Trust network, and why it should be a core component of your threat detection and response strategy
  • Turning theory into practice: Five steps to achieve Zero Trust information security
  • How security policy management can help you define and enforce a Zero Trust network

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