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An AlgoCity Skyline view – looking back at AlgoSummit Americas 2018


When you’re on the New Jersey riverside gazing at the Manhattan skyline, you get great views and different perspectives on your urban and technological environment.

And that was the aim of our AlgoCity themed AlgoSummit events: to give our customers and partners the opportunity to get a full land, sea, and sky view of AlgoSec’s roadmap and vision for the coming year. The AlgoSummit Americas speakers presented with the Manhattan skyline as the stunning background. This served as an amazing backdrop to share perspectives on complex network security management challenges, and how our users are overcoming them.

AlgoSummit Americas

This year’s AlgoSummit Americas, held in New Jersey City University in October, was the latest in the series, and another great success. It featured three tracks: The Channel Partner Forum, the User Forum, and the “Geek Week” Training Forum, in which customers gained in-depth training and certifications on AlgoSec solutions.

Channel Partner Forum

The event kicked off with the Channel Partner Forum, giving our resellers in the Americas a deep dive into AlgoSec’s new partner program and its benefits. Our channel team conducted focused sales and marketing sessions around the program and its resources, to help partners develop and execute initiatives to drive greater awareness and sales pipeline development with both new and existing customers.

User Forum

The User Forum followed the partner track, with customer delegates from across the Americas getting first-hand access to AlgoSec’s solution roadmap and vision through sessions with our executives and product and technology staff over two days.

The User Forum also featured presentations from leading companies from a range of sectors, describing the security policy management challenges they have faced, and giving their peers insights on how they have addressed those challenges using AlgoSec.

Sharing customer experiences

One customer, the security team leader for a major financial company in the Americas, described how his team was managing multiple data centers with hundreds of subnets in total. The team was processing tends of rule change requests per day across its multi-vendor firewall estate, but with no formal change process, which meant that each change had to be done manually, impacting on the teams’ operations. The company also had thousands of rules per firewall, making regular audits difficult and time-consuming. At the same time, the company was experiencing rapid growth, which meant the team were under strong pressure to implement changes quickly.

This created firewall performance problems caused by rule bloat, and overly-permissive rules creating potential security and compliance risks – with very little time for teams to correct these problems manually. By implementing AlgoSec, they were able to resolve firewall performance issues, eliminate configuration mistakes and violations, and easily pass audits – streamlining and accelerating the security team’s processes.

In another session, a security specialist at another leading financial company discussed how his team was struggling to manage firewall operations across their complex environment. The team managed multiple data centres and was responsible for maintaining thousands of business applications across the organization. All of this was managed manually, which made change processes, rule recertification, troubleshooting, Dev Ops consultation and PCI compliance particularly challenging.

By implementing AlgoSec, his team was able to save significant time on change management, dramatically improving accuracy while reducing security risks across the organization’s complex environment. They were also able to meet their compliance obligations efficiently with AlgoSec’s reporting tools. The customer reported that scalability is another key benefit of working with AlgoSec – the company is set to deploy FireFlow soon and is exploring BusinessFlow integration to further enhance its processes

Social Networking

In addition to the fascinating sessions, there were lots of social networking opportunities to meet AlgoSec staff and industry peers, always in settings with awesome views of the Manhattan skyline.

The real value that AlgoSummit creates is the opportunity to learn from each other by sharing experiences and knowledge in-person. This 360-degree interaction helps to give everyone a fresh perspective and fresh ideas to tackle the security management challenges of today – and tomorrow.

We look forward to meeting you at our next AlgoSummit event.

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