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Automating Policy Management for Next-Generation Firewalls


Next-Generation firewalls provide more granular control than traditional firewalls, but there are many things to consider when implementing these devices. Not only should you have a plan for what application control and user awareness policies to enforce, but you should also consider how to manage these policies in the context of the broader network. You want to be able to answer questions such as:

  • How is this device connected to the rest of the network?
  • Are there applications that are not being used that can be removed from the rule?
  • Is the device configured properly?
  • How do you manage changes in an efficient and effective way?

We’ve created this short video to demonstrate how the AlgoSec Security Management Suite automates and simplifies policy management of Next-Generation Firewalls (Specifically Palo Alto Networks and the Check Point R75 Application Control and Identity Awareness blades).


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