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Automating the Change Workflow for Blue Coat Secure Web Gateways


Network complexity is a killer. Managing different network and security devices, from different vendors, distributed across multiple geographical locations isn’t easy and can pose operational and security challenges. And on top of that you have to process a flurry of change requests. While many organizations are saddled with managing an overwhelming number of firewall changes, many also struggle to effectively and efficiently manage the high volume of change requests for secure web gateways/proxies.

In this 3 minute video, we show how AlgoSec FireFlow seamlessly integrates with Blue Coat ProxySG to simplify and expedite the security policy change request workflow. This video walks through an example starting from an end-user request initiation off of a Blue Coat blocked access page, to the change design and review to work order generation – all through the same solution that automates the change workflow for a vast range of traditional and next-generation firewalls.


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