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Can One Bring Down Your Network?


Today we have released version 6 of our Security Management Suite which includes a lot of enhancements to improve firewall risk management, compliance, and security operations (you can read the full release here). One capability that we are particularly proud of is our ActiveChange technology which safely implements recommended policy changes directly on the firewall.

While working with our customers, we would come across horror stories where one mistyped IP address in the firewall rule caused serious damage. When you think about, once an intelligent change workflow product such as FireFlow guides you through the request, risk analysis and design of a firewall rule change, there is really little value in manually entering it in the firewall’s management console. John Kindervag, senior analyst at Forrester Research confirms that “Our research shows that a lot of downtime is caused by human error and misconfiguration, the more you can automate the better.”

We hope everyone enjoys the new version, and for thos of you haven’t experienced the AlgoSec Suite yet you are welcome to learn more on our website.

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