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Tips to Migrate Your Data Center to a Private Cloud without Disruption


Your data center(s) and the cloud. There a lot of reasons, including financial and operational benefits, that the cloud has to offer. At the same time making the move to the cloud is no easy project – there is also a lot to consider in terms of ensuring the availability of your business applications and in terms of ensuring security.

For the purposes of this discussion, when talking about the cloud, let’s hone in on the private cloud since more than two-thirds of respondents in a recent survey we conducted on the Impact of Security Management on the Business said they had plans to move to a private/hybrid cloud.  Last week we posted an article from AlgoSec CTO Avishai Wool offering the network security perspective when it comes to migrating data centers and the applications that they support. Here’s a new Firewall Management 201 video with Professor Wool that dives more into the things you should consider before migrating your data center to a private cloud.


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