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Do You Really Need More Shiny Security Toys? Reduce Your Attack Surface by Getting Back to Basics


Most firewall breaches are caused by firewall misconfigurations and a lack of segmentation across their networks. In fact only a handful of attacks truly use sophisticated techniques. So getting security basics right will deliver far better protection against cyberattacks compared with many of the latest shiny new security technologies.

Next Thursday, December 17, AlgoSec’s CTO and renowned industry expert Professor Avishai Wool, will present a technical webinar which will walk you through a typical cyber threat scenario faced by millions of business every single day. It will provide both best practices and demonstrate specific techniques to help you reduce your attack surface and limit and even prevent damage to your business.

During the webinar Professor Wool will:

  • Present the different methods used by cyber criminals to penetrate your network security
  • Trace and analyze the anatomy of a typical advanced persistent threat (APT)
  • Discuss best practices for reducing cyber criminals’ lateral movements with your network
  • Provide tips and demonstrate techniques for reducing your attack surface using existing security solutions

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