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Ensuring critical applications stay available and secure while shifting to remote work


Faced with an unprecedented migration to remote working, securing organizations’ critical applications is more important than ever.  Here’s how to do it.

For many organizations, the shift from an office environment to a remote work strategy is essential to ensure business continuity these days. However, the possibility of 80-90% of the workforce going remote almost overnight is unprecedented in workplace history.

In order to ensure a seamless and secure
transition to long-term remote working, organizations will be more dependent
than ever on their IT infrastructures and core business applications.
Additionally, troubleshooting downtime of critical applications is expected to
take much longer when employees are working remotely and not at the office or
at the actual data-center. Security operation teams need to review the critical
applications’ connectivity and security status from one single management

How AlgoSec enhances application security management

Organizations need visibility of their entire network in order to identify and address potential security shortfalls and misconfigurations. With employees accessing business-critical applications from a variety of locations, via a range of devices including laptops, smartphones and tablets, securing these applications and ensuring they remain available with the increased demand is more important than ever before.

Our Firewall Analyzer and FireFlow solutions are designed to help organizations better manage and secure business-critical applications.

AppViz, an add-on for AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer, enables users to discover, identify and map business applications providing visibility of the network connectivity flows associated with each. The solution automatically associates business applications to the firewall rule it supports, enabling you to review the settings quickly and easily. It also allows security operation teams to monitor critical applications for risks and vulnerabilities to ensure that they are safe, and provides visibility of the application’s required connectivity in order to minimise outages.  AppViz also highlights the specific risks and vulnerabilities for each application, which helps security teams to prioritise and ensure critical applications are always protected against hacking or intrusion attempts.

FireFlow with AppChange allows users to request changes at the business application level, including application migrations, server deployment and decommissioning projects.

Security operation teams can amend applications’
firewall ports from a single management interface, speeding up the secure
deployment of business applications throughout the entire change lifecycle.
These capabilities allow them to effectively support the business and maintain
the required SLAs for uptime.

For more information about how AlgoSec’s AppViz and AppChange can help you with your application security management, especially during periods of high demand and usage, find out more here.

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