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Ensuring Your Firewalls are Properly Configured


The network perimeter has disappeared for many reasons including some common buzzwords these days such as BYOD, the cloud and more. But what often is overlooked is that the majority of firewall breaches (the traditional first line of defense) are actually caused by improper configurations (see our “horror stories” blog series where we highlighted some real-life firewall misconfiguration examples).

Employing new technologies that provide more granular control is a good step to mitigating this risk, but without maintaining the defined firewall configurations over time, these security devices cannot provide the protection they should. Next week, we’re joining our partner McAfee on the webcast “Regaining Control of the Network Perimeter” where we’ll examine this challenge, offer recommendations to improve firewall policy management and reduce risk, and review a real-life case study. See you on Tuesday! If you have been married a long time, you may be having trouble coming up with Valentine’s Day gift ideas let alone cheap Valentines Day gift ideas for your wife. You may have given her the candy, the flowers, the lingerie, etc, and you may feel that she is tired of receiving the same type of gifts. is here to help you find the perfect Valentines say gifts. These are only a few romantic gift ideas that will make wonderful Valentine’s Day gifts for your wife. It is important to not get overly stressed out over what to get as romantic gifts for your wife on Valentine’s.


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