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Examining the Need for Application-Centric Security Policy Management


Today’s network security policies continue to grow in volume and complexity, yet oftentimes organizations rely upon manual management, which is too cumbersome, inefficient, and error-prone. The result? Increased cost, risk, and ultimately the inability of IT Security and Operations teams to keep up with the needs of the business.

An automated and application-centric approach to security policy management is essential to bridging the divide between network, security, and applications personnel, who don’t speak the same language and thus are not typically on the same page. This approach is also critical to maximizing the availability of business applications, reducing risk from unauthorized access, and improving IT agility.

In this video, Professor Wool examines the challenges of managing business applications and their connectivity requirements and offers tips for bridging the gap between application owners and network and security teams – to ensure faster, more secure deployment, maintenance and decommissioning of critical applications.


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