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How to Take a Pragmatic Approach to Security Across Your Hybrid Cloud Network


How we think about and architect network security has stayed fairly constant for quite some time…..until we moved to the cloud.

Things may look the same on the surface, but dig a little deeper and you quickly realize that network security for cloud computing and hybrid networks requires a different mindset, different tools, and a new approach. Hybrid networks complicate management, both in your data center and in the cloud. Each side uses a different basic configuration and security controls, so the challenge is to maintain consistency across both, even though the tools you use – such as your nifty next generation firewall – might not work the same (if at all) in both environments.

Please join our next webinar next Tuesday, November 17 at 10am PDT/1pm EDT, where Rich Mogull, Analyst and CEO at Securosis and Nimmy Reichenberg, VP of Strategy at AlgoSec will explain how cloud network security is different, and how to pragmatically manage it for both pure cloud and hybrid cloud networks.

We will start with some background material and Cloud Networking 101, then move into cloud network security controls, and specific recommendations on how to use and manage them in a hybrid environment.

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