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Network Security in Hybrid Cloud Environments: Separating the Myths from the Facts


As we found out in our recent survey, network security and data security are the two most challenging security functions to migrate to cloud environments. Specifically, the problems highlighted in survey respondents include:

  • Lack of visibility across the hybrid on-premise public cloud environment
  • The fragmented variety of security cloud security network controls, meaning companies are struggling to decide which controls will best address their needs and their environment
  • Lack of tools to extend the corporate security policy across the hybrid environment
  • Lack of operational workflows to manage security across the hybrid environment
  • Problems demonstrating compliance across the hybrid environment

In a webinar next week Mike Rothman of Securosis and our own Nimmy Reichenberg will demystify some of these challenges, and will explain:

What you don’t know: How network security works in the public cloud vs. on-premise data centers
What you need to do: Tips to help you prepare for deploying business applications across hybrid cloud environments.
What you need to think about: Key strategies and best practices to help you ensure a smooth transition to a hybrid environment over the next 12-24 months.


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