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Network Security Tip of the Week [15]


This week’s network security tip focuses on troubleshooting application outages or disruptions. While firewalls are in place to filter out the bad traffic, they are also in place to enable connectivity of critical applications that enable the business to run. Paul, a Security Consultant in the US offers the following suggestion:

“The firewall is always the first place fingers are pointed at when applications do not work as expected. Often a lot of time is spent speculating or negotiating whether the source of the issue is the firewall or not. My tip is to take a look. A packet sniffer is almost always a quicker path to finding out what is happening to traffic flow than guessing and making adjustments based on those guesses. I see many engineers reluctant to fire up tcpdump, whereas it has become one of my first troubleshooting tools to bring to bear on an issue.”

Thanks Paul. If you have a network security tip you’d like to share with us, please send us an email, DM us at @AlgoSec or comment directly on our blog.

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