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Network Security Tip of the Week [20]


This week’s network security tip examines the importance of network segmentation. While you certainly want to have firewalls and other devices along the perimeter, you should assume that a cyber attacker, with proper motivation and means, will be able to find a way past your first line of defense. This is why network segmentation is an important layer within your overall information security program, offering a second line of defense that partitions access to sensitive information so only those applications, servers, and people who require access have it and those that do not need it can’t easily get to that information.

In his article on SecurityWeek, AlgoSec’s VP of Strategy, Nimmy Reichenberg, writes:

“Segment information access based on your security requirements. Define your different zones based on where your sensitive information resides. For example, you want to make sure that sensitive information isn’t easily accessible by a third party that has no need for this access. Take a step back when looking at your network architecture and determine if there’s unnecessary access or too restrictive access in different places. You may be surprised by what you see.”

In the wake of some recent breaches, this is very timely advice. Until next week’s network security tip…

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