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New A30 release strengthens SDN and cloud security management with enhanced Cisco ACI automation and application visibility


Extended Cisco ACI automation and new AppViz and AppChange add-ons give users unrivalled application visibility, network auto-discovery and management capabilities

Last week, we introduced an important new version of our core security management solution, which includes several innovative features that make it even easier for organizations to get the most comprehensive visibility, automated control and management of security across their entire network estate – whether on-premise, in SDN or cloud environments.

The new AlgoSec A30 release includes market-leading application visibility and network auto-discovery features, and extended support for Cisco ACI that delivers full end-to-end automation of security change management processes for ACI environments. These new capabilities boost organizations’ agility, enabling them to deploy, update and migrate their business applications easier and faster than ever before, without compromising security, reliability and compliance.

Enhancing Cisco ACI integration

AlgoSec security management A30 fully automates security change management processes for Cisco ACI environments – from planning, risk and compliance checks, to deployment directly onto the device – with zero touch, in a secured workflow. Security and IT teams can create new contracts and filters directly on Cisco APIC.

These extended capabilities highlight our commitment to Cisco’s ACI environment and users, and further extend our strong integration with the ACI fabric. This includes our close integration with the rich capabilities of Cisco’s Tetration Analytics, which enables mutual customers to use AlgoSec to build a physical and logical map of their entire network estate, including all security devices from multiple vendors. Then, through the integration, network and security teams can discover and map application flows, automate security policy changes end-to-end, ensure compliance, and assess risk across their estates according to business needs and priorities.

Introducing AppViz and AppChange

The A30 release also makes our unique business-driven visibility, automation capabilities and innovations more accessible than ever with the release of AppViz and AppChange.

The new AppViz add-on dramatically accelerates identification and mapping of all the network attributes and rules that support business-critical applications – making it easier for organizations to make changes to their applications across any heterogeneous on-premise and cloud platform, and to troubleshoot network and change management issues across the entire enterprise environment.

In our study of managing hybrid and multi-cloud security earlier this year, respondents stated the two biggest challenges were detecting misconfigurations and security risks, closely followed by a lack of visibility into the entire cloud estate. AppViz directly addresses these issues.

AlgoSec’s new AppChange add-on is also available in A30, automatically updating network security policy changes on all relevant devices across the entire hybrid network. This saves time for IT and security teams and eliminates manual errors and misconfigurations. AppChange addresses two critical issues identified by respondents in our cloud security study, which were that human error and configuration mistakes were the biggest causes of network and application outages.

The A30 release also enables teams to easily visualize network security zones, and to select risk profiles for each zone which support decision-making for both application owners and security managers. This makes application provisioning and deployment easier and accelerates planning and implementing network micro-segmentation strategies to enhance security network-wide.

AlgoSec Security Management Suite version A30 is generally available: find out more about how it can accelerate your organization’s security management processes here.

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