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New webinar: how to migrate application connectivity to the cloud


Migrating applications to the cloud or another data center – without creating security holes or causing application outages –  is far easier said than done.

For starters, mapping existing application flows across complex enterprise environments pre-migration – which is critical in order to re-establish the correct traffic flows post-migration – is extremely difficult. A single mistake can cause outages, compliance violations and create holes in your security perimeter. Moreover, cloud security architecture is fundamentally different from physical networks, making it extremely difficult to translate application connectivity flows to the cloud security controls, and then manage network security policies cohesively across the entire hybrid enterprise environment. All in all, migrating applications is a complex, tedious and error-prone process that takes months and often compromises security, compliance and business agility.

Presented by Edy Almer, AlgoSec’s VP of Product, this new webinar next Tuesday, March 7 at 10am EST will explain how to simplify and accelerate large-scale complex application migration projects, while ensuring security and avoiding business application outages.

The webinar will cover best practices on how to:

  • Automatically discover existing application connectivity flows
  • Analyze, simulate and compute the necessary changes – even between different network security technologies such as traditional firewalls and cloud Security Groups
  • Execute the necessary firewall rule changes, and mass-migrate relevant connectivity flows
  • Deliver unified security policy management across the hybrid enterprise cloud environment


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