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Rethinking Network Security: How to Better Defend and Optimize Against Advanced Threats


The threat landscape has evolved over the years. Now many organizations are struggling with the rising volume and sophistication of APTs and DDoS attacks. The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result. It’s time to rethink the current network security approach. Today’s networks are too complex and simply adding more tools and layers alone will not solve the problem because you can’t protect what you don’t understand and can’t manage. And, while there is a great need to improve security, it can’t come at the expense of business agility because at the end of the day if the business isn’t running smoothly, it’s not making money or as much money as it should.

Information security professionals need to look at the dynamic threat landscape and increasingly complex network security architectures through a different lens to improve protection while also achieving operational excellence.

That’s why tomorrow we’re hosting a webcast discussion moderated by Eric Ogren of the Ogren Group with experts from AlgoSec and Fortinet to examine:

  • Next-generation defenses against new and sophisticated threats
  • How to improve visibility of what’s actually going on in the network
  • The importance of simplifying the network security environment
  • Real-life use cases for achieving an effective and manageable defense

I hope you join us for this webcast and come with lots of questions for our panel!

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