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Secure the Cloud? Challenge Accepted!


I have been talking to many of you, our dear customers, in the last year.

The topic of cloud comes up in every conversation. It usually starts with something like “so apparently we’re now responsible for the organization’s cloud security”, and then continues with “boy, what a mess…”

Cloud is awesome, of course. The agility, flexibility, scale and new services and capabilities introduced on a daily basis allow us to deliver innovation much faster than ever before. But securing it is a real headache.

With yet another team starting their own new cloud initiative every day, the different cloud-native security controls and configurations in multiple layers (as well as 3rd party ones), all the DevOps, CI/CD and IaC stuff (yes, agility, I get it), and all of that multiplied by several cloud vendors, accounts, regions… and why does it have to keep changing all the time? How can I keep track of it all (needless to say, this comes on top of our existing on-prem network security responsibilities, not instead of…)?

I feel your pain.

So, after listening carefully, we’ve decided to create AlgoSec Cloud.

CloudFlow is the security-guy-who-now-owns-cloud-security’s best friend.
It provides visibility into the cloud estate – both all the assets to protect, and the security controls protecting them. But not just visibility – CloudFlow also has opinions, pro-actively detecting risks and misconfigurations across the different security layers and parameters – network, encryption, access control and more.

In addition, CloudFlow lets you stay on top of things with a unique central policy management interface for cloud security controls, such Security Groups and Azure Firewalls, making sure policies in different regions/VPCs/VNETs/accounts are consistent and compliant.

Oh, and CloudFlow is offered as SaaS – born in the cloud, to serve the cloud (we might as well take advantage of all those cloud benefits!), so you can get started in minutes. All you need is a browser.

And yes, you guessed right. It can indeed connect to the rest of the AlgoSec product suite to provide end-to-end security policy management across hybrid environments – on-prem, private cloud and public cloud, covering firewalls from all leading vendors, alongside cloud-native security controls from Azure and AWS.

Want to see it in action? What are you waiting for? Join our Beta program now!

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