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Securely accelerate application delivery with AlgoSec


Jade Kahn, AlgoSec CMO, explains how AlgoSec helps automate application connectivity and security policy across hybrid estates

There is a strong and compelling argument for organizations to accelerate digital transformation. According to an executive survey from Deloitte  “digitally mature companies” – those that embed digital strategy and infrastructure in all parts of their business – are not only more resilient and agile in a crisis, but they also perform better financially. This has never been more apparent over the last eighteen months, with the pandemic speeding up the adoption of digital transformation by seven years.

However, this success is not without challenges. Both public and private sector companies have witnessed a swell in ransomware attacks and with cybercrime set to cost the world $10.5 trillion annually by 2025, businesses need to view cyber security as an integral part of their digital maturity strategies.

Five reasons why NetOps and SecOps choose AlgoSec

Organizations are walking a tight rope between agility and security. Digital transformation compels application development teams to move quickly, and your company is likely trying to launch strategic initiatives such as microsegmentation, infrastructure modernization, and the move to the cloud. The challenge with trying to be faster than your competition is defending against the onslaught of security threats that have grown exponentially in the wake of the pandemic. These conflicting pressures create bottlenecks in application delivery and leaves businesses exposed to risk and compliance violations, which could see them hitting headlines for all the wrong reasons.

With almost two decades at the forefront of Network Security Policy Management, AlgoSec has helped over 1800 of the world’s most complex organizations secure their critical networks while accelerating application delivery. Our platform lives at the intersection of your infrastructure, security policy, and the applications that run your business as illustrated below:

All stages in the application delivery pipeline need to work smoothly. If there’s one broken link in the chain, the pipeline bursts, and both security and agility are sacrificed. The AlgoSec platform automates application connectivity and security policy across the hybrid network estate, including public cloud, private cloud, containers, and on-premises networks. We can guide you through the application delivery pipeline, from code analysis and deployment through to monitoring and reporting.

Here are five of the reasons we are the number one choice for your organization:

  • Industry’s only app-centric perspective

Our patented application-centric view of the hybrid network abstracts infrastructure complexity by listening to the network and associating connectivity flows with specific applications. You can align your teams around the needs of the app team by ensuring that DevOps, SecOps, and business teams speak the same application-centric language. This way, projects get completed quicker and changes work as intended.

  • The only complete hybrid network solution

Organizations can visualize and manage application connectivity and security policies across all public and private cloud, containers, and on-premises networks and accelerate time-to-market without compromising security. With complete visibility of your hybrid network, your team can focus on what’s essential — adding real business value.

  • Security across the entire application development cycle

Our platform can automate security policies across the application delivery pipeline from code analysis and build, to monitoring and reporting, mitigating risk without compromising agility. This means you can analyze your security posture and adapt quickly before an attack happens.

  •  Zero-touch change automation

With AlgoSec you can rapidly plan and execute application connectivity and security changes – all with zero-touch and orchestrated across all security groups and filtering technologies.

  • Full integration with existing tech-stack

You’re able to completely integrate AlgoSec with leading ITSM, SIEM, vulnerability scanners, identity management, and orchestration systems to promote a more robust security posture and ensure continuous compliance.

Making our customers a big success

At AlgoSec, we recognize how important it is that our customers feel supported in their digital transformation journey to ensure every stage is a success. That is why we have appointed a Customer Success Team to guide you through every step of the process and ensure you can leverage our capabilities, maximize value, and quickly meet your desired outcomes.

For more details on how we can help you accelerate application delivery without compromising on security, contact us here.

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