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Shift Happens: How to Eliminate the Risks of Network Security Policy Changes


“The only thing constant is change” dates back to 500 BC, but never has it rung more true when it comes to managing your network security policy.

Bombarded by an onslaught of changes resulting from new applications, emerging threats and network re-architectures, security professionals struggle with manual processes as they sift through hundreds and often thousands of firewall rules and access lists. The result: slow response to business requests, and costly mistakes that cause outages and introduce risk.

Join Nimmy Reichenberg, AlgoSec’s VP of Marketing and Strategy next Thursday at 12pm EST, for an educational webinar where he will explain how to eliminate the risks of network security policy changes across the organization.

During the webinar Nimmy will focus on:

  • Common risks to avoid when making changes to your network security devices
  • How to better understand business requirements from the network security perspective
  • How to accelerate change requests and ensure security and compliance using automation

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