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A Sneak Preview of Our Network Segmentation Webinar next Week


I am psyched to have Mark Wolfgang, expert penetration tester from ShoreBreakSecurity join us for our webinar on network segmentation next Tuesday.

Mark will share really cool information from his pen tests – including how he was able to gain control to the entire facility of major metropolitan by exploiting a single server. How is this possible? Well, as Mark will share – once an attacker gets control of a PC he or she are really in the dark – and one of the first things an attacker does is run a scan of all endpoints which are accessible from the compromised machine to see what is around. In Mark’s words, nothing is more frustrating to an attacker than realizing he can’t really get anywhere because of effective network segmentation.

As I wrote in my neglect of security basics post – all too often we focus on the latest shiny threats and tools, where in reality – getting the basics right can mitigate or at least contain an overwhelming majority of the attacks against our networks. If you want to get Network Segmentation right.

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