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That’s a wrap: Takeaways from Cisco Live! ‘19


We recently attended Cisco Live! 2019 in San Diego. It was great to see Cisco’s latest innovations in networking, security, and the cloud

With more than 1000 conference sessions over five days, there was plenty of interesting discussion around the ways that network environments are changing, and how enterprises can keep their businesses secure in a constantly-evolving IT landscape.

The event was bigger than ever as it marked 30 years of Cisco Live!  In turn, we expanded our presence with a larger booth and a pod in the security village. We saw more visitors to our booth during the event than ever, with nonstop lines to play our Security and Business Alignment game for a chance to win a remote-control racing car. Even the consolation prize – our “zero-touch” in-car phone mount got engineers and CTO’s in line. We kept visitors engaged by discussing the latest AlgoSec capabilities for security visibility, control, change management, automation, compliance, and analysis.

AlgoSec speakers delivered two presentations on our joint solutions during the event. The first was delivered by our founder and CTO, Professor Avishai Wool in the security village. Avishai presented “AlgoSec and Cisco: Managing the Evolved Data Center Network.” Avishai explained the pressure that IT, networking and security teams face to be more agile than ever before – and how security and compliance can suffer as a result. To address this challenge, AlgoSec’s solutions complement Cisco’s, helping teams to process and apply security policy changes quickly and ensure ongoing compliance and strong security across their entire environment.

And in the DevNet Zone, our VP Technology Anner Kushnir joined Xiaobing Lakits, Architect, Customer Delivery at Cisco to present the session, “Tetration and AlgoSec Integration via Kafka”. Anner joined Xiaobing to explain how our joint customers can integrate Tetration and AlgoSec with Kafka and REST APIs to visualize business application connectivity, and automate business application connectivity management across network security technologies and platforms – such as Cisco ACI and Firewalls.

Across our two exhibition spaces, we met with partners, prospects and joint Cisco / AlgoSec customers about the specific challenges they are facing and helped them learn how business driven security policy can be applied across the entire cloud, SDN and on-premise Cisco estate – whatever their specific network ecosystem looks like.  

We spoke to Cisco ACI users, demonstrating how AlgoSec’s integrated solution extends ACI policy-based automation across the enterprise network. AlgoSec extends ACI’s policy-based automation to all security devices, both inside and outside the data center, enabling joint customers to maintain a strong security posture across their entire enterprise network.

We also demonstrated to visitors how AlgoSec integrates with the Cisco Tetration Analytics platform to enhance business application connectivity and visibility. The integration enables joint users to visualize business application connectivity and dependencies, and gain business context to risks, vulnerabilities, and compliance issues.

With Cisco Live! ’19 all wrapped up, we’d like to thank the AlgoSec team for tirelessly speaking to thousands of visitors throughout the event, and we look forward to next year’s event.

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