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Tips for Filtering Traffic within a Private Cloud: New Professor Wool Educational Video


In this new educational whiteboard video, Professor Wool provides the example of a virtualized private cloud which uses hypervisor technology to connect to the outside world via a firewall.  In this scenario the entire private cloud is protected thanks to the firewall, but its important to note that no traffic filtering is taking place within the cloud.

If all worksloads within the private cloud share the same security requirements, this set up is adequate. But what happens if you want to run workloads with different security requirements within the cloud? In such a scenario you need to segregate the VMs from each other. Professor Wool explains the different options for filtering traffic within a private cloud, and discusses the challenges and solutions for managing them. Check out this new video!

Each Professor Wool educational video examines a core challenge and provides technical tips for managing security policies in evolving enterprise networks and data centers. See the complete Professor Wool series here.

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