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Why it pays to partner with a profitable private company


Jade Kahn, AlgoSec CMO, discusses why it pays to partner with a profitable privately funded company like AlgoSec

Global concerns over the spread of coronavirus have had a major impact on organizations‘ IT and security strategies over the last twelve months. With businesses moving to remote working practices almost overnight and the number of cyberattacks rising, the pandemic highlighted how critical network and application security is for business continuity.

As a leading provider of business-driven network and cloud security management solutions, we help our customers ensure their network and application security is resilient enough to adapt to unexpected changes without leaving them vulnerable to misconfigurations or breaches.

We are solely accountable to our customers, and we’re proud and honoured to have so many that continue to invest in our solutions and allow us to run a healthy, profitable business.

What does profitability mean to us?

As a privately held company, we don’t have to worry about shareholder expectations or external interference that inhibit long-term investment in product development, staff wellbeing and overall company growth.  It allows us to look beyond the present to make sure our customers, are true focus, are protected from future threats.

For us, profitability means that we can continuously close the loop by investing back in our customers. It means that we focus on providing the best product and support services to ensure our customers are satisfied and leverage our solutions to their full potential. It means that we make quick decisions with our customers’ best interests in mind and deliver maximum value with zero distraction.

Since founding AlgoSec in 2003, we have continually invested back into the business because we are committed to creating best-of-breed solutions for our customers, who continue to be our top priority and the reason we are a success today.

Partnering with a profitable company like AlgoSec means you get a partner that is entirely invested in your long-term success. See what real customers, just like you, had to say about their experience with us.

If you’d like to learn how AlgoSec can help you manage your hybrid network security more effectively and swiftly, we’ll be happy to show you.

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