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One of Australia’s Leading Superannuation Organizations Gains Insight Into their Network, Enabling Innovation

It’s very easy to let security get left behind. We want to make sure that security is not a roadblock to business performance,” said Bryce. “We need to be agile and we need to make sure we can deploy systems to better support our members. Automation can really help you see that return-on-investment.”

Network Security Policy Automation helps Superannuation company reduce costs to provide higher returns to members


The company is one of Australia’s leading superannuation (pension) providers. Their job is to protect their client’s money, information, and offer long-term financial security.


The company’s firewalls were managed by a Managed Service Security Provider (MSSP) and there had not been enough insight and analysis into their network over the years, leading to a bloated and redundant network infrastructure. Firewalls and infrastructure did not get the care and attention they needed.

As a result, some of their challenges included:

  • Legacy firewalls that had not been adequately maintained
  • Difficulty identifying and quantifying network risk
  • Lack of oversight and analysis of the changes made by their Managed Services Security Provider (MSSP)
  • Change requests for functionality that was already covered by existing rules

The Solution

The customer was searching for a solution that provided:

  • A strong local presence
  • Repeatable and recordable change management processes

As a result, the customer implemented AlgoSec. The client selected AlgoSec’s Security Policy Management Solution, which includes AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer and AlgoSec FireFlow.

AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer delivers visibility and analysis of complex network security policies across on-premise, cloud, and hybrid networks. It automates and simplifies security operations including troubleshooting, auditing, and risk analysis. Using Firewall Analyzer, they can optimize the configuration of firewalls, and network infrastructure to ensure security and compliance.

AlgoSec FireFlow enables security staff to automate the entire security policy change process from design and submission to proactive risk analysis, implementation, validation, and auditing. Its intelligent, automated workflows save time and improve security by eliminating manual errors and reducing risk.

The Results

“Straight away, we were able to see a return-on-investment,” said Stefan Bryce, Security Manager, a leading Australian superannuation provider.

By using the AlgoSec Security Management Solution, the customer gained:

  • Greater insight and oversight into their firewalls and other network devices
  • Identification of risky rules and other holes in their network security policy.
  • Easier cleanup process due to greater visibility
  • Audits and accountability into their network security policy changes. They were able to ensure ongoing compliance and make sure that rules submitted did not introduce additional risk
  • Identification and elimination of duplicate rules
  • Faster implementation of policy changes
  • Business agility and innovation because employees are better motivated to make changes due to seamless policy change process.
  • Consolidation of their virtual firewall internal infrastructure
  • Reduced ongoing costs to their MSSP