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With AlgoSec, it now takes us half the time to deploy firewall changes. Plus the solution provides us with intelligence that reduces human error and risk


Telefónica Mexico provides fixed line, mobile, public and data communications services to over 20 million customers. In terms of market capitalization and number of customers, Telefónica is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. Drawing on the best fixed, mobile and broadband networks, as well as an innovative range of digital services, the Company is becoming a “Digital Telco.” Telefónica has a significant presence in 21 countries and a customer base that amounts more than 341 million accesses around the world.


Telefónica was experiencing significant growth and needed to scale to meet the needs of its growing client base. As the networks grew to support new demands, the number of firewalls protecting client services and internal corporate functions also increased. “Our team of three was manually managing approximately 30 changes per day across various firewalls,” says Saúl Padrón, manager of information security at Telefónica Mexico. “With this manual administration process, it was impossible to understand the rules in each firewall and the relationship between them in an effective way. Risk mitigation became extraordinarily challenging.” Telefónica needed a solution that could provide complete visibility into the firewalls on each network, automate the management process and decrease the potential for human error.


Telefónica evaluated several products before selecting the AlgoSec Security Management Solution. “We chose AlgoSec because of its robust automated capabilities, including risk analysis and reporting,” said Padrón. An added bonus was AlgoSec’s ability to provide technical support in Mexico, unlike other solution providers. “It’s nice to know we have local support if we need it, but with AlgoSec’s easy deployment and use and reliable performance, we haven’t needed to,” he says.


AlgoSec was up and running at Telefónica in a week. “Because the deployment was so smooth, we were able to begin improving our firewall management processes immediately,” says Padrón.

Telefónica uses AlgoSec for firewall and risk mitigation operations. “AlgoSec visually displays the level of risk associated with each rule change, enabling us to greatly improve rule management and configuration,” says Padrón. Using the “what-if analysis” capability, the security team can now easily assess risks and test planned changes before implementing them in the production network.

Telefónica has also increased operational efficiency and improved the quality of network security using AlgoSec. According to Padrón, “It now takes us half the time to deploy firewall changes. Plus the solution provides us with intelligence that reduces human error and risk.”

While Telefónica’s security team is responsible for firewall analysis and testing, a separate operations group configures the rules in each firewall. “AlgoSec allows us to see if the operations group has applied the changes we requested or if they make an unauthorized modification that can create risk,” says Padrón.

AlgoSec’s turnkey compliance reports also help ensure regulatory compliance for Telefónica while saving time. “AlgoSec automatically generates populated reports. For instance, now we can quickly show that our network access configurations adhere with Sarbanes-Oxley regulations without having to spend time creating customized reports,” says Padrón.

“AlgoSec helped us transform specific internal processes, enabling us to meet the increasing demands on our network while minimizing risk and maximizing our resources,” concluded Padrón.

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