Deploy AlgoCare

AlgoCare is AlgoSec’s new SaaS-based enhanced support service.

AlgoCare speeds up the support process by giving AlgoSec’s support team immediate access to the data it needs to investigate issues.

AlgoCare automatically collects system data, saving you and your team the time and effort of having to manually collect and send relevant data before starting each ticket investigation.

For more information about AlgoCare:

Install AlgoCare

When you sign up for AlgoCare, AlgoSec sends you:

  • AlgoCare configuration zip file: AlgoCare_<account_name>-<ID>.zip

  • Your AlgoCare DNS names

Do the following:

  1. Download the AlgoCare Agent file ( from the customer and partner Portal at Downloads > Software > Additional Components.

  2. Copy the AlgoCare Agent file to your ASMS host server.

  3. To install the AlgoCare Agent on your ASMS host server:

    1. Run the following script as root user:

      chmod +x <AlgoCare Agent Filename>
      ./ <AlgoCare Agent Filename>
    2. Enter Y to approve httpd service restart.

      Note: The httpd restart takes only a few seconds so there is insignificant impact on connectivity. End-user sessions are kept alive.

  4. To install the AlgoCare Agent on every node in your system, copy the AlgoCare Agent file to each node in your system and run the script on each.

  5. Copy your AlgoCare configuration file (AlgoCare_<account_name>-<ID>.zip) to your ASMS host server.

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Connect your ASMS to AlgoCare

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Disconnect from AlgoCare

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For more information about AlgoCare, see the AlgoCare page on the Customer and Partner Portal.