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AlgoSecAlgoBot is your personal security policy management assistant. AlgoBot provides quick and easy access to core ASMS functionality from the comfort of your organization's existing chat platforms, including Desktop, Web, or Mobile options. AlgoBot is supported on Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco Webex.

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Access AppViz

AppViz and the additional AppChange component are add-ons layered over AFA and FireFlow, respectively.

Do the following:

  • Access AppViz from the AFA or FireFlow left-side navigation menu.

    Click to open AppViz in a new browser tab:

  • Once open, AppViz has it's own left-side navigation menu and Administration area.

    To access the Administration area, click your username at the top-right and select Administration.

For more details, see:

Tip: At the top of each page in the workspace, click AlgoSec Reporting Tool to view detailed reports on data across ASMS. For details, see AFA dashboards.

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AppViz main menu

The main menu includes the following options:


The default AppViz home page, which displays graphs and widgets about the configured applications.

The HOME page also enables you to perform an Impact Analysis search. For details, see Analyze application impact.

Note: The Applications by Lifecycle Phase widget is displayed only when vulnerability assessment is not configured. The Most Vulnerable Applications widget is displayed only when vulnerability assessment is configured.

For more details, see Manage vulnerability assessment scanners.


Enables you to view and manage the applications configured in AppViz.

For details, see Business applications.


Enables you to view and manage network objects from AppViz.

For details, see Network objects and Device objects.


Enables you to view and manage service objects from AppViz.

For details, see Service objects and Device objects.


Enables you to view and manage AppViz projects.

For details, see Projects.


Enables you to discover new application data from device policies.

For details, see Discover applications.

Note: AutoDiscovery is an additional AlgoSec tool installed over AppViz, which enables you to automatically discover business applications and flows, and import them in to AppViz.

For more details, see Welcome to AutoDiscovery.

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