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AlgoSec Rolls Out Appliance, Hardware Bolsters Existing SaaS, Software and Virtual Environment Delivery Models

Flexible Product Delivery Enables AlgoSec and its Partners to Provision Firewall Technology to Customers in Multiple Form-Factors Based on Individual Network Needs

March 29, 2011

Reston, Virginia – AlgoSec, the leading provider of Firewall Operations and Security Risk Management Solutions, today unveiled the AlgoSec Appliance 1000 Series creating an on-site hardware appliance for hosting the AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer and AlgoSec FireFlow products.

The introduction of the appliance provides AlgoSec with yet another form-factor for delivering its best in class firewall operations and security risk management solutions to business customers worldwide. Currently, AlgoSec customers and partners are provisioning AlgoSec solutions as traditional software, via the SaaS model and in virtualized environments.

While traditional software has been widely adopted and SaaS and virtualization models have generated a great deal of attention during the last 12-24 months, the appliance form factor remains an essential provisioning model. For a large number of organizations, solution deployment via hardware is often the most convenient due to various factors such as network architecture, personnel and resource requirements, internal purchasing procedures and protocols.

The AlgoSec Appliance 1000 Series is ideal for those organizations that find it more efficient to provision hardware solutions through one department as opposed to other AlgoSec customer networks architected for the coordinated interdepartmental efforts that may be needed for SaaS, software or virtualized solution deployments. In addition, the new AlgoSec appliance streamlines operations by automating a number of security processes for customers utilizing their own servers.

“AlgoSec understands that every enterprise network is different; each with its own unique needs and requirements,” said Dr. Avishai Wool, CTO and co-founder of AlgoSec. “By architecting our solutions so that they can be provisioned in multiple form factors, we empower businesses by providing firewall and security risk management solutions that are tailor-made for their individual network environments. After all, if you’re going to provide something that everyone needs, then why not give them the option to decide how they want it?”

“As an AlgoSec channel partner, we have seen firsthand the advantages that flexible solution delivery creates,” said Steve Reibstein, East Coast Director of Sales at the Connecticut-headquartered Pinnacle Group. “The presence of a security technology like AlgoSec in our portfolio is like having four products in one, but without the inconvenience of working with multiple vendors and training on multiple solutions.”

The AlgoSec Appliance 1000 Series provides benefits that include:

The AlgoSec Appliance 1000 series is available today in two models: the 1020 for networks employing up to 150 firewalls, and the 1080 which provides complete redundancy and failover for large enterprise security environments of up to 1000 different firewalls. Pricing starts at $4,900.

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