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Poor Internal Security Processes and Insider Threats Pose Greater Risk Than Hackers

Survey Data from AlgoSec Also Indicates Next-Generation Firewalls Address Chief Security Concerns, But Increase Cost and Complexity of Management

April 10, 2012

Roswell, GAAlgoSec, the market leader for network security policy management, today announced the results of “The State of Network Security 2012: Attitudes and Opinions,” a survey of more than 180 IT and information security professionals conducted during RSA 2012 that reveals that poor internal security management processes present more risk than malicious threats – more than 50 percent of respondents incurred a system outage due to an out-of-process change. The survey also highlights the perception that while next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) directly address these internal challenges, they also increase the cost and complexity of management.

“While industry focus naturally gravitates toward the latest buzzwords, such as “˜advanced persistent threats,’ we were pleasantly surprised to find that practitioners primarily voice concerns with how to better manage security,” said Nimmy Reichenberg, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, AlgoSec. “Poor visibility into what is occurring in the network, insider threats and poor processes that result in out-of-process changes are responsible for much of the day-to-day risk. Regardless of latest attack vector or breach that makes headlines, it all goes back to strong security processes, visibility and control.”

Key findings from “The State of Network Security 2012: Attitudes and Opinions” include:

“We have seen next-generation firewalls capture the imagination of the security industry, as granular policies and controls can greatly increase visibility into applications and users, but these controls are not without a cost, as additional work is required to manage them,” said Reichenberg. “AlgoSec is committed to helping organizations achieve the full potential from their network devices by automating these time-consuming and complex processes and streamlining operations, so security organizations can focus their time on what matters – making the business more secure.”

Download the full report – “The State of Network Security 2012: Attitudes and Opinions“. Additional resources include:

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