Accelerate Data Center Application Deployments with Cisco ACI and AlgoSec

In today’s fast-paced world, supporting an ever-growing number of applications across the data center poses significant security management challenges. Managing policies across physical and virtual networks and multivendor security devices requires a delicate balance between ensuring security, reducing risk and provisioning connectivity for critical business applications to increase productivity.

Cisco ACI reduces TCO, automates IT tasks, and accelerates data center application deployments, using a business-relevant software defined networking (SDN) policy model. Through a seamless integration, AlgoSec extends Cisco ACI’s security policy-based automation to all security devices across the enterprise network, both inside and outside the data center.

Join Ranga Rao, Director of Solutions Engineering at Cisco, and Anner Kushnir, VP of Technology at AlgoSec on Wednesday, February 1, at 12pm ET/9am PT for a technical webinar where they will discuss how to leverage the integrated Cisco ACI-AlgoSec solution to process and apply security policy changes quickly, assess and reduce risk, ensure continuous compliance, and maintain a strong security posture across your entire network estate.

Attend this must-see webinar and learn how to:

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AlgoSec Cisco ACI App Center Demo

The AlgoSec Connectivity and Compliance App provides insights into your network and security posture, including a current snapshot of risk and compliance across your ACI fabric. Key capabilities of the App include: - Traffic assessment to determine if specific traffic is traversing the network or if its blocked - including visibility into security devices and their status across the traffic route - The ability to automatically update the firewall policy in the event that connectivity is blocked erroneously - Instant risk analysis for Cisco ACI contracts alongside firewall security policies - A detailed PCI compliance report for your Cisco ACI fabric, that’s ready for auditors

Cisco ACI & Hybrid Networks – Breaking Down Silos with Central Policy Management

Cisco ACI & Hybrid Networks - Breaking Down Silos with Central Policy Management

Yonatan Klein explains how to centralize your security policy management throughout your network and the unique challenges required to manage an SDN fabric, such as Cisco ACI, in order get the most out of your entire network.

Cisco and algosec overview

AlgoSec security management solution for Cisco ACI

With the integration of AlgoSec into the Cisco® Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI™) architecture, customers can monitor security policy changes across their Cisco ACI system, obtain risk and compliance context for both managed and unmanaged security devices, and extend automation across their entire security environment.  

AlgoSec’s integration with Cisco ACI

In this demo you’ll can learn about the AlgoSec integration with ACI. Learn how the integration can provide joint customers with visibility, risk analysis and regulatory compliance of the ACI environment. Additionally, learn how to make policy changes to allow connectivity within the ACI