From Antiquity to the Cloud: 25 Years of Firewalls and Network Filtering

Prof. Avishai Wool
CTO & Co Founder AlgoSec

The first commercial firewall shipped in 1992. 25 years later the firewall is still the core building block of enterprises’ security infrastructures.
Please join Prof. Avishai Wool, AlgoSec’s CTO, on Tuesday, April 10 at 10am ET for an educational webinar on the history of the firewall. He will take you through a riveting 25-year journey of the evolution of the firewall – from the ancient world of the host-based firewalls of the 90s, to today’s cloud-based firewalls, and will explain how each type of firewall works, its advantages and limitations, and provide some tips and best practices for effective network filtering.

In this highly informational, and entertaining webinar Professor Wool will cover:

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Wow! AlgoSec named SC Labs Best Buy and AlgoSec AGAIN Scores Perfect 5 out of 5 Overall and in all 6 Categories in SC Magazine Review

Wow! AlgoSec named SC Labs Best Buy and AlgoSec AGAIN Scores Perfect 5 out of 5 Overall and in all 6 Categories in SC Magazine Review

Review names AlgoSec "Pick of the Litter” and states “no weaknesses were found” We're very excited here at AlgoSec to see that AlgoSec, AGAIN, for the second year in a row, just scored a perfect 5 out of 5 rating overall and in all 6 categories of Features, Documentation, Value for Money, Performance, Support, and Ease of Use in an SC Magazine Product Review! But this year there's more! This year out of the 9 Product Reviews in the Risk Management Group Test, including our 3 direct competitors and others, AlgoSec was the one and only solution named as the SC Labs Best Buy! The review named AlgoSec "PICK OF THE LITTER" and proclaimed that "The functionality of AlgoSec’s highly intuitive chatbot, AlgoBot, coupled with the platform’s zero-touch automation/orchestration capabilities and competitive price point makes the AlgoSec Security Management Suite an SC Labs Best Buy." The Quick Read praises AlgoSec's AlgoBot, says no weaknesses were found, and delivers the awesome verdict: The suite helps manage complex network security policies throughout the entire policy lifecycle from an application standpoint with zero-touch automation and orchestration capabilities. The review also cited AlgoBot as a major strength and described it as "a highly intuitive, intelligent chatbot that understands plain English and can be leveraged to access virtually all the functionality of this platform". The full review highlights AlgoSec's visibility, discovery, connectivity management, impact analysis, business-driven security alignment, delivery acceleration, automation, risk reduction, zero touch approach, visualization, and more. You can read and enjoy the full review here: Congratulations not only to the entire team at AlgoSec but also to our community of customers, users, and partners, who every day give us ideas and feedback which help us make AlgoSec the industry leading and award-winning solution which earns the recognition we see today!

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