Network Security Policy Management - Automation for Transformation

Yonatan Klein – Director of Product Management | Jan 9 2018

Making security policy changes manually is a slow, laborious process which is fraught with risks; it can take several days—sometimes weeks—to process a single change in a complex enterprise environment. When hundreds of changes are required each month, it can be an impossible task!

In this webinar, Yonatan Klein, Director of Product Management at AlgoSec, discusses how automation can take your security policy management to the next level; delivering the most stringent security change management and control processes while providing visibility and helping to maximize business agility across your disparate, ever-changing, hybrid cloud enterprise network.

Learn how you can use automation to:

Discover how you can reduce the time and effort you spend on managing security, while keeping all your stakeholders happy – network and security operations teams, application owners, and even C-level executives.

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