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AlgoSec Streamlines Firewall Consolidation Projects With New Rule Consolidation Analysis

New Technology Extends AlgoSec's Intelligent Automation Value Proposition

September 03, 2009

Reston, VA – AlgoSec, the leading provider of firewall operations and security risk management solutions, today announced the addition of Rule Consolidation Analysis into the company’s AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer (AFA) solution. The new Rule Consolidation Analysis adds yet another layer of innovation to AlgoSec’s intelligent automation technology for security policy cleanup and optimization.

The AFA’s Rule Consolidation Analysis works on a per-firewall basis to scour individual firewall policies and identify any and all rules demonstrating high degrees of similarity to one another. The Analysis then highlights specific rules that may be consolidated into a single rule, thus simplifying and minimizing massive firewall policy sets.

The Rule Consolidation Analysis falls squarely in line with the AFA’s unique solutions for major server and firewall consolidation projects. The AFA’s existing firewall optimization solutions includes policy cleanup capabilities for detecting covered rules, special case redundant rules, unused rules, unused objects within rules, unattached objects and more. Alongside AFA’s unique policy optimization features such as its patent pending Intelligent Rule Reordering technology, the Rule Consolidation Analysis plays a similar role in increasing firewall performance by decreasing unneeded rules and complexity.

“The current economic climate is leading many organizations to perform regular server and firewall consolidation projects and move to virtual environments. The presence of specialized solutions for facilitating rapid and reliable completion of these endeavors directly impact the bottom line for IT organizations and network security teams looking to cut costs and complexity,” said Avishai Wool, CTO and co-founder of AlgoSec. “Our new Rule Consolidation Analysis alongside an existing collection of highly sophisticated AlgoSec policy optimization technologies provides the best resource for organizations not only looking to reduce redundancy and waste, but simultaneously increase the security profile of their networks through tighter firewall rule bases.”

All existing AlgoSec customers will be able to upgrade their solutions with the new Rule Consolidation Analysis technology by October 2009. Rule Consolidation Analysis will also be available to auditors and security consultants within the various new licensing packages now offered through AlgoSec’s recently launched E-store.

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