AlgoSec professional services

Service Offerings

We offer a variety of à la carte Professional Services to help you quickly benefit from your AlgoSec investment.


AlgoSec JumpStart Packages

Through our new JumpStart packages we will deploy your AlgoSec products quickly and cost-effectively within your environment, so that you can start generating value from your AlgoSec investment as soon as possible.


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Basic Deployment of the AlgoSec Security Management Suite

This service includes installing your AlgoSec appliances with the most recent build of the AlgoSec Security Management Suite including AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer and/or AlgoSec FireFlow and/or AlgoSec BusinessFlow, then verifying connectivity and defining devices. We will also verify that the reporting functionality works properly for each deployed device, and will provide sufficient knowledge transfer to enable you to perform basic operations in your AlgoSec environment.

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AlgoSec Technical Audit

Get a technical audit of your running AlgoSec environment – remotely or on-premises. Make sure you are optimally configured to get the best performance and functionality. Identify critical issues, receive insights and actionable suggestions to help you improve your network, identify issues that may have arisen since deployment, as well as recommendations for architectural improvements and optimization. AlgoSec Technical Audit is recommended once a year, and at least 6 months following initial deployment.


Vulnerability Scanners

Integration with Existing Change Management Systems (CMS)

We can seamlessly integrate with any existing CMS including ServiceNow, Remedy, ServiceDesk and others. We can integrate your CMS system with AlgoSec via a Web Services call, as well as import historical change requests into AlgoSec.

Firewall analyzer

Advanced Configuration

Suitable for complex, enterprise environments, this service includes verifying requirements and designing the appropriate topology for:

  • High-Availability or Disaster-Recovery modes
  • Load Distribution mode
  • Geographical Distribution or Central-Manager / Remote-Agent mode
Firewall audit

Develop Custom Reports

We can create custom risk profiles and baseline configuration reports to meet your unique needs.

Security Policy Change Management

Develop Custom Change Workflows

While AlgoSec includes several out-of-the-box workflows, we can develop custom workflows to meet your unique needs. Customization options include creating the different steps in a change process, managing the ticket lifecycle based on your processes, dynamically routing tickets to required approvers and changing request form fields and appearance.

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Project Management and Customer Success Management

We can provide on-going project management to support your AlgoSec implementation. We provide regular status updates and meetings to ensure that the project is on schedule and meets your requirements.