Application Discovery & Connectivity Management

Business applications rely on complex connectivity flows that span multi-cloud and hybrid networks. In order to quickly and securely provision or change network connectivity, network security operations teams need to understand and map these flows. They also need to be able to identify obsolete traffic flows that may act as a back door to unwanted or malicious traffic.

This is no easy task. It’s difficult to discover and map application flows across complex enterprise environments. There’s usually little to no up-to-date documentation. It can take months to gather this information. Additionally, it’s not always easy to understand and translate business requirements for connectivity into networking terms that can be securely implemented. Consequently, provisioning application connectivity can take weeks. With frequent change requests piling up, the lack of visibility into connectivity requirements causes outages and introduces unnecessary risk.

What you can do

Discover applications, provision network traffic, and change and securely decommission application connectivity

With AlgoSec you can discover, provision, change and securely decommission connectivity for business applications. AlgoSec automatically discovers and maps application connectivity requirements to the network infrastructure, and then translates requests for connectivity changes into networking terms that security and operations teams can understand, approve, and implement.

By understanding application flows, AlgoSec helps avoid network-related outages throughout data center migration or consolidation projects, and enforces security and compliance across the enterprise.

  • Auto-discover applications and their connectivity flows – without requiring any prior knowledge
  • Get a live and always up-to-date map of connectivity requirements
  • Translate non-technical business requirements into networking terms
  • Easily assess the impact of changes on application connectivity, security, and compliance
  • Migrate connectivity to a new data center or the cloud through easy-to-use workflows
  • Identify and remove access rules for decommissioned applications


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The Business Impact

  • Accelerate application delivery
  • Reduce the cost of manual application connectivity mapping efforts
  • Avoid application outages due to network device misconfigurations
  • Optimize traffic flows and improve firewall performance
  • Simplify application and server migrations
  • Enforce security and compliance across the data center
  • Align application, security and network teams


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