DevOps enables companies to deliver innovations faster to market. Yet, with multiple functional teams collaborating on development, and so many moving parts, the security team is often left out of the DevOps process. As a result, DevOps security management is tacked on at the end and it can take up to three weeks to provision new network connectivity — which ultimately negates many of the benefits of DevOps and delays deployment into production.

Integrate Security into DevOps For Faster, Safer Application Delivery into Production

Through its application-centric approach, AlgoSec extends security policy management into existing DevOps practices and tools and supports the entire DevOps lifecycle — from build, through QA, to deployment into production. This allows for better collaboration between security and the DevOps teams right from the start, and enables faster deployment into production while ensuring that the development and production environments are always secure and compliant.

With AlgoSec’s DevOpsSec you can

  • Easily define network connectivity throughout the DevOps lifecycle, through CI tools
  • Proactively assess risk and compliance throughout the DevOps process
  • Automatically identify existing applications and their connectivity flows – without requiring coding or prior knowledge
  • Automate the entire network security change management process

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The Business Impact

  • Deliver new/updated business applications into production faster and more securely than ever before
  • Ensure security and compliance throughout the DevOps process and in production
  • Unify security policy management across the entire hybrid environment — in the cloud, across SDN and on-premise
  • Align security, networking, and application teams, and foster DevOps


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