Bridging NetOps and SecOps: An Experts’ Panel

March 16, 2021
Cisco | Conscia | AlgoSec

Silos hurt security. Your network and its security are not managed by just one team. It is the responsibility of both NetOps and SecOps, but these teams don’t always play well together. 

In this security experts’ panel, Doug Hurd from CiscoHenrik Skovfoged from Conscia, Oren Amiram and Tsippi Dach from AlgoSec will share how you can bring NetOps and SecOps teams together with Cisco ACI, Cisco Secure Workload (formerly Cisco Tetration) and AlgoSec. 

Discover how NetOps and SecOps teams can: 

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Firewall analyzer

AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer- See the whole picture

Discover, identify, and map business applications and security policies – anywhere. With the industry’s app-centric perspective, you can now gain clear visibility into the security policies and the business applications that run your business — across your hybrid network. AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer enables you to stay on top of your security posture with continuous analysis and detection of risk and compliance gaps, allowing you to adapt quickly before an attack happens.  

DevSecOps: Putting the Sec into the DevOps

DevSecOps: Putting the Sec into the DevOps

DevOps enables companies to deliver innovations faster to market. But with multiple functional teams collaborating on development, and so many moving parts, security is often left out of the DevOps process and then tacked on at the end - delaying deployment into production and negating many of the benefits of DevOps. Presented by renowned industry expert Prof. Avishai Wool, this new technical webinar will cover best practices for incorporating security into the DevOps lifecycle. This insight will help ensure better collaboration between security and the development teams right from the start and reduce the time, cost and risk of deploying applications into production. In this webinar Professor Wool will cover how to: • Identify and map existing applications and their connectivity flows to establish a baseline • Adjust application connectivity for each stage of the DevOps lifecycle – without coding • Automatically deploy connectivity throughout the development lifecycle using templates • Proactively assess risk and compliance throughout the DevOps process • Manage and maintain security in the production environment  

Cisco algosec

Cisco & AlgoSec achieving application-driven security across your hybrid network

Your network extends into hybrid environments and may include private clouds running Cisco ACI, and on-premises devices. Managing network security policies in your multi-vendor estate is complex. Because your network is made up of multiple vendors and each part of your network estate is managed in its own silo, it is tough to get centralized management of your entire network. Making changes is a chore and validating security is difficult. Learn how to unify, consolidate, and automate your entire network security policy management across your Cisco and multi-vendor estate. In this session Roxana Diaz, Worldwide Technical Solutions Architect at Cisco, and Yonatan Klein, AlgoSec’s Director of Product, will discuss how to manage the Cisco and multi-cloud estate and how to: Capitalize on your Cisco ACI investment to take advantage of its full capabilities Bring centralized visibility, automation, and compliance monitoring into your Cisco and multi-vendor network ecosystem Get full visibility of your entire hybrid network estate, including items within the Cisco ACI security environment, as well as outside it, including Cisco firewalls and routers, as well as multi-vendor devices. Take advantage of Cisco Tetration Analytics and AlgoSec’s intelligent discovery to get a full picture of your network and application traffic and to design and provision a micro-segmentation network policy design. Unify, consolidate, and automate your network security policy management Proactively assess risk throughout your entire network, including Cisco ACI contracts, and recommend the necessary changes to eliminate misconfigurations and compliance violations