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Securing the Future: A Candid Chatwith Ava Chawla, Director of CloudSecurity at AlgoSec


In the bustling world of cloud security, where complexity and rapid change are the norms, Ava Chawla, Director of Cloud Security at AlgoSec, sits down to share her insights and experiences. With a relaxed yet passionate demeanor, Ava discusses how her team is pioneering strategies to keep businesses safe and thriving amidst the digital transformation.

Embracing the “100x Revolution”

“Look, the landscape has transformed dramatically,” Ava reflects with a thoughtful pause. “We’re not just talking about incremental changes here; it’s about a revolution—a ‘100x revolution.’ It’s where everything is exponentially more complex and moves at breakneck speeds. And at the heart? Applications. They’re no longer just supporting business processes; they’re driving them, creating new opportunities, modernizing how we operate, and pushing boundaries.”

The Power of Double-Layered Cloud Security

Leaning in, Ava shares the strategic thinking behind their innovative approach to cloud security. “One of the things we’ve pioneered is what we call application-centric double-layered cloud security. This is about proactively stopping attacks, and better managing vulnerabilities to safeguard your most critical business applications and data. Imagine a stormy day, you layer up with raincoat and warm clothes for protection The sturdy raincoat represents the network layer, shielding against initial threats, while the layers of clothing underneath symbolize the configuration layer, providing added insulation. Together, these layers offer double layer protection. For businesses, double-layer cloud security means defense in depth at the network layer, unique to AlgoSec, and continuous monitoring across everything in the cloud. 

Now combine double-layered security with an application centric approach focused on business continuity and data protection across the applications that run the business.

Cloud configurations risks are inevitable. You are responsible for safeguarding the business. Imagine you have a tool where you start with an AI-driven view of all your business applications and the attack surface, in seconds you can spot any vulnerable paths open for exploitation as it relates to your most critical applications. 

Application centric double layer security – the double layers is that extra layer of protection you need when the environment is unpredictable. Combine this with an app-centric perspective for effective prioritization and better security management. It’s a powerful combination! This approach isn’t just about adding more security; it’s about smart security, designed to tackle the challenges that our IT and security teams face every day across various cloud platforms.”

Making Security Predictive, Not Just Reactive

Ava’s passion is evident as she discusses the proactive nature of their security measures. “We can’t just be reactive anymore,” she says, emphasizing each word. “Being predictive, anticipating what’s next, that’s where we really add value. It’s about seeing the big picture, understanding the broader implications of connectivity and security. Our tools and solutions are built to be as dynamic and forward-thinking as the businesses we protect.”

Aligning Security With Business Goals

“There’s a beautiful alignment that happens when security and business goals come together,” Ava explains. “It’s not just about securing things; it’s about enabling business growth, expansion, and innovation. We integrate our security strategies with business objectives to ensure that as companies scale and evolve, their security posture does too.”

A Vision for the Future

With a reflective tone, Ava looks ahead. “What excites me the most about the future is our commitment to innovation and staying ahead of the curve. We’re not just keeping up; we’re setting the pace. We envision a world where technology empowers, enhances, and expands human potential. That’s the future we’re building towards—a secure, thriving digital landscape.”

A Closing Thought

As the conversation wraps up, Ava’s enthusiasm is palpable. “Our promise at AlgoSec is simple: we empower businesses without interfering with their productivity. We turn digital challenges into growth opportunities. It’s not just about managing risks—it’s about leveraging them for growth.”

In a world driven by rapid technological advancements and significant security risks, Ava Chawla and her team at AlgoSec are crafting solutions that ensure businesses can navigate the complexities of the digital landscape with confidence and creativity.

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