Managing security in the hybrid cloud

Hybrid Cloud Security and Policy Management

In on-premises data centers, all of your data was secured behind lock and key and guarded in locations that you could physically access. Today, your network is far more complex. It extends beyond the perimeter, sits in multiple locations and geographies, and is made up of multiple public clouds, private clouds and other on-premises network devices, with security controls that are a “black box” to many organizations.

Manage the entire hybrid security environment with AlgoSec

AlgoSec seamlessly integrates with all leading brands of firewalls, cloud security controls, routers, and load balancers to deliver unified security policy management. With the AlgoSec Security Management Solution, users benefit from holistic management and automation spanning on-premise, SDN and public cloud.

With AlgoSec’s hybrid cloud security you get:

  • A full network map of your entire hybrid network security estate
  • Instant visibility of your cloud assets and security controls
  • On-going monitoring of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud network-security configuration changes
  • Automated audit-ready compliance reports
  • Built in documentation and audit trails
  • Detection of misconfigurations to protect cloud assets, including cloud instances, databases and serverless functions.
  • Automated policy push for “zero-touch” automation.
  • Automated workflow that supports change validation, intelligent rule design.
  • Seamless integration with existing ticketing systems.
  • Identification of traffic flows serving business applications and their relevant security policy

Think you know your network like the back of your hand?

Let us surprise you!

The Business impact of advanced hybrid cloud security:

  • Enhance visibility across the hybrid network with central policy management
  • Ensure changes adhere to internal and regulatory standards
  • Manage security posture and reduce configuration risks
  • Process network security policy changes in minutes not days
  • Avoid errors, rework and application outages

The AlgoSec advantage

  • Unified view of the entire on-premise and multi-cloud estate from a single console
  • Manage multiple layers of security controls and proactively detect misconfigurations
  • Minimize the attack surface by identifying risks and helping to mitigate them
  • Match network policy risks to the assets to better understand impact and better prioritize remediation
  • Identify unused security rules and have the confidence to remove them


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