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A Recipe for Success – Network Connectivity at the Speed of DevOps with AlgoSec and Chef


DevOps enables great agility in application development and delivery. Network security and connectivity, however, is usually (and unfortunately) out of scope, and is handled manually, out of band of the CI/CD pipeline. This means that the agility and speed come to a screeching halt whenever a port needs to be opened on some firewall policy or cloud security group.

As described in my previous blog posts, this gap can be overcome using the ‘Connectivity as Code’ approach – seamlessly baking automated network security changes into the CI/CD pipeline.

The good news is that this approach can be now easily implemented using Chef!

Yes, we are happy to announce that AlgoSec is now part of the Chef Partner Cookbook Program, and a new AlgoSec cookbook for Chef is available in the Chef Supermarket, free of charge. It was even certified and received an official badge and everything from the Chef team.

This cookbook implements the “Connectivity as Code” concept: It allows developers to describe their application’s high-level abstract connectivity requirements in a simple json file, and then just add the new AlgoSec cookbook into their Chef-based CI/CD pipeline, to automatically handle the application’s network connectivity needs – enabling agile application delivery, without compromising on security or compliance.

Check out the documentation and samples available with the cookbook for details.

Happy cooking!

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