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Money-Back Guarantee

AlgoSec Satisfaction Guarantee

At AlgoSec, we proudly say we are obsessed with ensuring the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Since 2005 we therefore offer the industry's only money-back-guarantee. If we do not meet your expectations you have the right to cancel the purchase and get your money back. It's as simple as that.

This enables you to ensure that the AlgoSec solution works across your entire estate, not just in your lab - without assuming any financial risk!

Money-Back Guarantee Terms

The terms of the money-back guarantee are outlined in the table below. They depend on the deal size and whether the product was evaluated in the customer's lab.
Note: Make sure the terms of the Money Back Guarantee are included in your project proposal.

Deal Size Product Purchased WITHOUT an Evaluation Product Purchased AFTER an Evaluation
Less than $100K 60 Days 30 Days
$100K-$500K 90 Days 45 Days
More than $500K 120 Days 60 Days

In the words of AlgoSec's CEO

In the Words of Our Customers

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