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AlgoSec FireFlow

Security Policy Change Automation

AlgoSec FireFlow automates the entire security policy change workflow – from submission and design to risk analysis, implementation, validation and audit - enabling security and operations teams to:

  • Reduce the time required to process firewall changes by as much as 60%
  • Increase accuracy and accountability of change requests
  • Enforce compliance and mitigate risk from improper and out-of-process changes

FireFlow seamlessly integrates with existing service desk ticketing systems to add firewall-aware intelligence and can easily be customized to match each organization's specific business processes.


Automate the Security Policy Change Workflow

Automated Workflow

FireFlow delivers out-of-the-box workflows for adding new rules, removing rules, changing objects and recertifying rules, enabling organizations to tackle more real-life scenarios and improve operational efficiency.

FireFlow makes it easy to tailor workflows to each organization's specific requirements and its flexible roles and workflow logic ensure accountability and governance. Pre-populated request templates save time and improve communication and clarity between requestors and firewall administrators.

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Eliminate Guesswork with Intelligent Change Management Design

Change Planning

FireFlow's topology-aware algorithms automatically verify change requests against network traffic to pinpoint the relevant devices and rules to add, edit or delete. Unneeded ("already works") changes are instantly identified and closed and requestors are notified, which prevents up to 30% of change requests from being unnecessarily processed.

FireFlow's detailed and actionable change design specifies the most optimal and secure implementation, utilizing existing firewall rules and objects whenever possible to reduce policy clutter and complexity.

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Analyze Change Requests to Ensure Compliance and Mitigate Risk

Risk Analysis

FireFlow automatically analyzes every proposed change – before it is implemented – to ensure compliance with regulatory and corporate standards and identify any changes in risk levels.

FireFlow leverages the broadest risk knowledgebase that includes industry best practices, regulations such as PCI-DSS and SOX, as well as corporate-defined policies.

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Save Time and Avoid Manual Errors with Automatic Policy Push

Policy Push

FireFlow's unique ActiveChange™ technology can automatically implement recommended policy changes on Check Point firewalls, saving time and avoiding manual errors.

Changes are pushed to Check Point management solutions for implementation in the next change window, and rollback mechanisms ensure safe implementation. In Cisco environments, FireFlow also automatically translates change requests to Cisco CLI commands for a faster and more accurate implementation.

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Prevent Unauthorized Changes through Auto-Validation and Reconciliation

Change Validation

FireFlow automatically validates the correct execution of change requests to prevent the pre-mature closing of tickets. FireFlow's unique "auto-matching" capability correlates change requests with actual policy changes, detecting unauthorized and out-of-band changes and ensuring changes are implemented exactly as they were requested and approved.

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Integrate with Existing Change Management Systems (CMS)

CMS Integration

FireFlow seamlessly integrates with existing CMS, such as BMC Remedy, HP Service Manager and ServiceNow so users can continue to open change requests using their existing systems. FireFlow complements these systems with intelligent automation that enables IT to process firewall changes more quickly and with less risk.

FireFlow eliminates the need for opening and tracking change requests in multiple systems and can continuously update the status of requests created in the master CMS.

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Track and Audit the Entire Change Lifecycle

Reporting & SLAs

FireFlow tracks and measures every step of the change workflow, providing detailed reports that ensure accountability and governance, and simplify auditing and compliance efforts.

Service-level agreement (SLA) metrics allow organizations to prioritize requests according to the service-level they are demanding, and help organizations identify bottlenecks in the change workflow process.

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Automate the Change Workflow for Secure Web Gateways

Secure Web Gateways

FireFlow seamlessly integrates with Blue Coat ProxySG to simplify and expedite the security policy change request workflow -- from end-user request initiation, design and review to work order generation. Organizations can now manage and audit security policy changes of multiple security devices under one common platform.

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