AlgoSec AppViz Benefits

AlgoSec AppViz provides an application-centric approach to your network security policy management. With AlgoSec AppViz, all business applications are discovered, identified, and mapped, providing visibility of the network connectivity flows associated with each business application, which in turn provides critical security information regarding the firewalls and firewall rules supporting each connectivity flow.

AppViz helps you:

  • Visualize complex networks with a dynamic network topology map
  • Identify and mitigate risks and associate them with business applications
  • Automatically discover applications and services
  • Reduce firewall auditing time with enriched compliance reports
  • Troubleshoot network problems faster
  • Understand the impact of network changes on business applications

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Automatic Mapping of Application to the Firewall Rule that Serves It

Firewall rules support applications or processes that require network connectivity to and from specific servers, users and networks. AlgoSec AppViz automatically associates the relevant business applications that each firewall rule supports, enabling you to review the firewall rules quickly and easily. Map applications

Associate Vulnerabilities to Business Applications and Firewall Rules

Prioritizing your risk based on what your business values most — the applications that power it. Using automatic integration and mapping of vulnerabilities from the leading vulnerability scanners to their business applications — including servers and complex connectivity flows and provide a security rating for every business application. appviz

Application-Centric Visibility

AlgoSec Auto-Discovery automatically identifies all your enterprise applications and services and their connectivity flows, and quickly generates an up to date connec¬tivity map of your applications — without requiring any prior knowledge or manual configuration by your security, networking or applications experts. It provides full visibility of your network security environment, including firewalls and the firewall rules that determine network traffic. This facilitates a deep understanding of the implications of any planned changes to application connectivity and how to configure the firewalls appropriately with these changes. autodiscovery

Enhance Compliance

Having full knowledge of all business applications aids the company in their adherence to different compliance requirements. For example, PCI DSS requires customers to audit all the applications that fall within the scope of the regulation. This informa¬tion is easy to determine through application network connectivity mapping.

Accelerate Troubleshooting

Application network connectivity mapping can reveal whether an application outage is due to issues with the network. For example, an employee opens a support ticket when unable to connect to the CRM application. Typically, the ticket will first go to the network team to determine if the problem is network related. Using the application-centric approach with its associated mapping, it is immediately clear whether the issue is network-related. If it is, it can be easily dealt with. If not, it can be sent to the appropriate department, thus saving time and resources.

Analyze Impact of Network Changes on Business Applications

Application network connectivity mapping provides a clear picture of the impact on business applications, of any planned changes to the network. This includes firewall changes, or other changes that may cause network downtime. Mapping will enable the implications of the changes to be fully understood and consequently downtime, for example, can be scheduled when it will have minimum impact on customers, partners, or employees.

Explore AlgoSec AppViz

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