Learn more about network security in AWS

see how AWS users benefit from AlgoSec

  • The Fundamentals of AWS Security Groups

  • Protect Outbound Traffic in an AWS Hybrid Environment

  • Change Management, Auditing and Compliance in an AWS Hybrid Environment

  • Combining Security Groups and Network ACLs to Bypass AWS Capacity Limitations

  • The Right Way to Audit AWS Policies

  • How to Intelligently Select the Security Groups to Modify When Managing Changes in AWS

  • New! How to Manage Dynamic Objects in Cloud Environments

Key benefits

Get a full network map of your entire hybrid network estate – both on-premises and in public and private clouds. Understand your security policy with traffic simulation queries.

Get an aggregated view of similar security groups across accounts, regions, and VPCs.

By automatically discovering, mapping, and migrating connectivity configurations with firewalls and security groups, AlgoSec simplifies the complex process of migrating business applications to the cloud.

Leverage a uniform network model and change management framework that covers the hybrid and multi-cloud environment

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