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Hybrid network security: Azure Firewall and AlgoSec solutions


In today’s dynamic digital landscape, the security of hybrid networks has taken center stage. As organizations increasingly adopt cloud solutions, like Azure, the complexities of securing hybrid networks have grown significantly. In this blog post, we’ll provide an overview of the key products and solutions presented in the recent webinar with Microsoft, highlighting how they address these challenges.

Azure Firewall: Key features

Azure Firewall, a cloud-native firewall offers robust features and benefits. It boasts high availability, auto-scalability, and requires minimal maintenance. Key capabilities include:

  • Filtering and securing both network and application traffic.
  • Support for source NAT and destination NAT configurations.
  • Built-in threat intelligence to identify and block suspicious traffic.
  • Three SKUs catering to different customer needs, with the Premium SKU offering advanced security features.

Premium features encompass deep packet inspection, intrusion detection and prevention, web content filtering, and filtering based on web categories. Azure Firewall seamlessly integrates with other Azure services like DDoS protection, API gateway, private endpoints, and Sentinel for security correlation and alerting.

AlgoSec: Simplifying hybrid network security

AlgoSec specializes in simplifying hybrid network security. Their solutions address challenges such as managing multiple applications across multiple cloud platforms. AlgoSec’s offerings include:

  • Visibility into application connectivity.
  • Risk assessment across hybrid environments.
  • Intelligent automation for efficient and secure network changes.


AlgoSec Cloud: Managing cloud security policies

AlgoSec Cloud, a SaaS solution, centralizes the management of security policies across various cloud platforms. Key features include:

  • A security rating system to identify high-risk
  • Risk assessment for assets
  • Identification of unused rules
  • Detailed policy visibility
  • A powerful traffic simulation query tool to analyze traffic routes and rule effectiveness.
  • Risk-aware change automation to identify potential risks associated with network changes.

Integration with Azure

AlgoSec Cloud seamlessly integrates with Azure, extending support to Azure Firewall and network security groups. It enables in-depth analysis of security risks and policies within Azure subscriptions.

AlgoSec’s recent acquisition of Prevasio promises synergistic capabilities, enhancing security and compliance features.


In the ever-evolving landscape of hybrid networks, Azure Firewall and AlgoSec Cloud are powerful allies. Azure Firewall provides robust security for Azure customers, while AlgoSec Cloud offers a comprehensive approach to managing security policies across diverse cloud platforms. These solutions empower organizations to master hybrid network security, ensuring the security and efficiency of their applications and services.


View the on-demand webinar here – Understanding your hybrid network security- with AlgoSec and Microsoft Azure.mp4 – AlgoSec


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