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Improve visibility and identify risk across your Google Cloud environments with AlgoSec Cloud


With expertise in data management, search algorithms, and AI, Google has created a cloud platform that excels in both performance and efficiency. The advanced machine learning, global infrastructure, and comprehensive suite of services available in Google Cloud demonstrates Google’s commitment to innovation. Many companies are leveraging these capabilities to explore new possibilities and achieve remarkable outcomes in the cloud.

When large companies decide to locate or move critical business applications to the cloud, they often worry about security. Making decisions to move certain applications to the cloud should not create new security risks. Companies are concerned about things like hackers getting access to their data, unauthorized people viewing or tampering with sensitive information, and meeting compliance regulations.

To address these concerns, it’s important for companies to implement strong security measures in the cloud, such as strict access controls, encrypting data, constantly monitoring for threats, and following industry security standards. Unfortunately, even with the best tools and safeguards in place it is hard to protect against everything. Human error plays a major part in this and can introduce threats with a few small mistakes in configuration files or security rules that can create unnecessary security risks.

The CloudFlow solution from AlgoSec is a network security management solution designed for cloud environments. It provides clear visibility, risk analysis, and helps identify unused rules to help with policy cleanup across multi-cloud deployments.  With CloudFlow, organizations can manage security policies, better understand risk, and enhance their overall security in the cloud. It offers centralized visibility, helps with policy management, and provides detailed risk assessment.  With Algosec Cloud, and support for Google Cloud, many companies are gaining the following new capabilities:

  • Improved visibility
  • Identifying and reduce risk
  • Generating detailed risk reports
  • Optimizing existing policies
  • Integrating with other cloud providers and on-premise security devices


Improve overall visibility into your cloud environments

Gain clear visibility into your Google Cloud, Inventory, and network risks. In addition, you can see all the rules impacting your Google Cloud VPCs in one place.  View network and inherited policies across all your Google Cloud Projects in one place.  Using the built-in search tool and filters it is easy to search and locate policies based on the project, region, and VPC network.

  • View all the rules protecting your Google Cloud VPCs in one place.
  • View VPC firewall rules and the inherited rules from hierarchical firewall policies

Gain visibility for your security rules and policies across all of your Google Cloud projects in one place.


Identify and Reduce Risk in your Cloud Environments

CloudFlow includes the ability to identify risks in your Google Cloud environment and their severity. Look across policies for risks and then drill down to look at specific rules and the affected assets. For any rule, you can conveniently view the risk description, the risk remediation suggestion and all its affected assets.

  • Quickly identify policies that include risk
  • Look at risky rules and suggested remediation
  • Understand the assets that are affected 

Identify risky rules so you can confidently remove them and avoid data breaches.

Hover over the:

  • Description icon to view the risk description.
  • Remediation icon to view the remediation suggestion.

Quickly create and share detailed risk reports

From the left menu select Risk and then use the built-in filters to narrow down your selection and view specific risk based on cloud type, account, region, tags, and severity.  Once the selections are made a detailed report can be automatically generated for you by clicking on the pdf report icon in the top right of the screen.


Generate detailed risk reports to share in a few clicks.

Optimize Existing Policies

Unused rules represent a common security risk and create policy bloat that can complicate both cloud performance and connectivity.  View unused rules on the Overview page, for each project you can see the number of Google Cloud rules not being used based on a defined analysis period. This information can assist in cleaning the policies and reducing the attack surface.

  • Select analysis period
  • Identify unused rule to help optimize your cloud security policies


Quickly locate rules that are not in use to help reduce your attack surface.

Integrate with other cloud providers and on-premise security devices

Manage Google Cloud projects, other cloud solutions, and on-premise firewall devices by using AlgoSec Cloud along with the AlgoSec Security Management Suite (ASMS).

Integrate with the full suite of solutions from AlgoSec for a powerful and comprehensive way to manage applications connectivity across your entire hybrid environment. CloudFlow plus ASMS provides clear visibility, risk identification, and other capabilities across large complex hybrid networks.


Quick overview video about CloudFlow and Google Cloud support

For more details about AlgoSec Security Management Suite or to schedule a demo please visit-

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